Friday, June 5, 2015

Gardening as a Form of Being

"The Greenhouse, Scout," 2014, by Cig Harvey
This week, I came across this surprisingly moving article on gardening by Umberto Pasti (Michelle Krell Kydd shared it on Twitter--she is one of my favorite folks to follow there! I highly recommend following her).

It's full of gorgeous, thought-provoking ruminations on the value of gardens, plants, flowers, and playing in the dirt. Pasti is so heartfelt here--it makes me want to transport myself to the Shire and observe!

My favorite lines:
"Making a garden is not a task or an action whose goal is the creation of a garden. It’s a condition, a form of being. Your garden is you, as you make it, draw it, think it....Meet the gardener who is within you: Befriend him. For gardeners, paradise doesn’t exist elsewhere; it is here. It’s called the world, and the place from where it springs goes by the name of reality."

Isn't that a beautiful thought? I don't know much about gardening, but I love learning about plants, and will want to learn more in the future. I think this is an idea not just about gardening, but about creating a sense of home and gratitude for the present. Let's carry that into our weekends.

 [Image above by Cig Harvey]

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  1. gardening is the symbiosis of the human soul holding hands with the earth's spirit. there are certain cultures that are truly atuned to this. we, here in this culture are too atuned to hoarding mundane objects that tether us and distract us from the spirit of the 'tao', the one, i didn't mean to preach but your piece here directed me toward this thought process. gracias for sharing


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