Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Horses Running Fast," by Shane McCrae

"Whisper," by Duy Huynh

Horses Running Fast
by Shane McCrae
We married in an open field a wide
And open field a field of wild and run- / ning
horses wide a field of horses run- / ning through
we married in an open wide
Running and full        of horses open
field / And in we married in        and in we mar- / ried in in
one direction they the hors- / es they
disguised the wind as horses in the wind/The horses running
fast in one / Direction
as the horses running through        / The horses as the horses run- / ning through
and each of us as me and you / As horses running fast
In one direction and
no animal outruns its past

[Image above by Duy Huynh]
Poem via Verse Daily

I just love Shane McCrae's poems. There's no one writing like him right now. If you haven't already, please rush out and read his newest collection, Forgiveness Forgiveness. Here's a brief review I wrote of that book for Columbus Alive, the local arts newspaper.

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