Thursday, April 2, 2015

Green Bird

"Intimacy," 2013, by Monia Merlo

Green Bird

Do you perceive the things
happening to you as magic
as an unfolding of truth that
you prod forward A grocery cart
that gathers today’s inventory
this gelato this sequence of words
this pattern of light on the street
as you break it If so you can feel
the buds in their cocoons wiggling
their toes There is no Big Fate
you head toward It is not like
that More like in front of you
croquet hoops An array of them
materializing one by one Mouseholes
to shimmy through And trailing
behind you a tunnel of staples
leading back to your crib To your
green bird your favorite floating
above you in your mobile

       [Image above by Monia Merlo]


  1. magic... as an unfolding of truth..aye! but the discernment, often, comes too late. Nice photograph.. thanks for the poem, Hannah!

    - ksm

  2. Love those first few lines, Hannah!. Said so well. :)


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