Monday, April 20, 2015

Grand Scheme

"...and the living is easy," 2010, by Jan van der Kooi

Grand Scheme

Basket of nothing you are full of good questions
We want to believe that the question itself is a
Good Fairy unfurling from a longing to know
To look at the sole of a rock’s cool foot and say
Well now I have seen that Always we end up
at the river The best place to have a think
Across this small river a grand mansion and on
this side like a weird reflection another enormous
old house Abandoned and condemned Murky
split glass and water-warped moldy walls
It takes barely anything Trickle of water to look
out over and in us already the desire to live here
Rooted at the edge of what mysteriously moves

[Image above by Jan van der Kooi]

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