Friday, April 3, 2015

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"Dusk," by Danna Ray

Currently reading and enjoying:

-The Hourglass Museum by Kelli Russell Agodon (more on this later).

-“Operation Unicorn: Field Report,” an awesomely weird poem by Minal Hajratwala in Granta.

-This article, “Lip-Syncing to the Academic Conversation,” by Sarah Kendzior in Vitae. Kendzior raises some excellent questions about the ethics of placing scholarship behind a paywall.

-The new issue of Split Lip Magazine (edited by Kristina Marie Darling)! I’m so pleased to have five poems in this issue, too.

-The Velveteen Rabbi’s free downloadable Passover Haggadah (a great resource).

Whatcha reading, friends?
[Image above by Danna Ray]


  1. Aww.. I shall check you poems in there after this, Hannah. Thanks for the news!

    Well, I kind of busy the whole week looking for materials for my NPM Found Poetry project.. browsing poems after poems from various poets around the net, & books on my shelf. Early this morn, luckily I found an interesting poet from Indonesia who died young at 26.. searched his works.. and happened to get stuck at a poem by him: "Tuti's Ice Cream" (translated in english).. so yeah.. my day 3 entry is up now entitled: "The Escapist".. smiles.

    - ksm

  2. I'm reading Chana Bloch's excellent collection of new/selected poems, "Swimming in the Rain"; and Jane Hirshfield's essay collection 'Ten Windows'. And many poems every day.


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