Friday, February 28, 2014

Process Video: There Is Nothing Out Here

Today, I'm excited to share with you a new process video! Here's how I wrote the poem "There's Nothing Out Here."


I'm in Seattle for AWP right now (and did a presentation last night at The Project Room about how I wrote this poem!)...I shall be reporting back.


  1. this is so tech savvy. i need to learn how to do all that. what program is this

    one last observation or query: with all this at your finger tips, do you write with passion, romance or more in the direction of correctness? i envy your tech skill set but i sway toward the simple mind heart technology. I know i'll be 'left behind' as is said but i think i'm content with that at this stage of my life.

    this was enjoyable, though, gracias for sharing mi amiga

    1. It is Quicktime, and is easy as can be. You just open Quicktime, and click on something like "Start New Desktop Recording."

      This is an interesting question....I think I write in the direction of being enveloped in the poem (but not always coming from a place of passion). Definitely toward intensity and where I feel excitement about the language/ideas...does that make sense?

  2. I've always enjoyed your process videos, Hannah. I could identify with going to Google, which I sometimes use to learn facts about something that might make their way into a poem. I'll be interested to learn what those at your presentation had to say about how you write.

  3. Well, that's a fun and informative peek into your process. So interesting to see how the "magic" happens. And it is magic, isn't it, the mysterious, magical process of writing. Thanks Hannah!

  4. Since images are so often integral to your process, thought I'd pass along this link: It's a Google website where you can tour art collections in museums around the world.

    Keep up your great work, Hannah!


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