Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Put This, Exactly

How to Put This, Exactly

Who is here in this body,
and who was here when the body was invented
by birth. Wailing baby, you will one day
walk in the snow alone, as an adult,
you will come to love those who are now
strangers to you, there will be numbers in your life
and cats and laundry. The bravest thing you will do
will happen one day, and then that day will end,
and here come the years all rushing in at you.
Sometimes we know this and sometimes we don’t.

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  1. Hannah--Another delicious little berry of a poem. Especially touched by --well, by the entire second half of the poem, starting with "you will come to love..." I intended to be a good commenter and pick out one especially luscious phrase, but the whole rest of this poem is luscious. Thanks for posting. I enjoy and am inspired by your poems.


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