Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Universe Consoles Itself

The Universe Consoles Itself

The rain speaks to the bricks
And the ivy also speaks
to the bricks but with
the urgency of collar-clinging

Snow and ice speak to the street
Potholes speak to the cars

The black cat speaks to the metal fence
in sneaking beneath its hem

The darkness speaks to the trees
and the houses hear

I speak to the moon by looking at it
while I scrub the colander in the sink

Whoever else looks at the moon
from now on
and from all of time before
we are speaking to each other


  1. enjoyed this. spoke to me because it spoke to the mundane yet gave me a moment of reverie with the last stanza of...looking at the moon/from now on/and from all of time before/we are speaking to each other

  2. Like how you move to that lovely ending.

    Thank you for the intro to Kovalovszky''s work, too.


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