Thursday, January 2, 2014

Deep Magic

Deep Magic

Sitting still to look with better eyes.
It’s how we beckon to the deep magic.

Call the trees down from themselves.
All places shall become leafed and needled.

Snap and make kissing sounds to the
stones. The closest ones will wobble closer.

You can’t build your house here.
The deep magic will have no neighbors.

We take what we can take while we are here.
You watch the rocks and the pond. I’ve got

the fog, the poor posture of the trees.
One day, far from here, a tree will shrug

and I will see it. You will find a rock in your
pocket. It’s the deep magic checking in.


  1. really enjoyed this. seems to speak to me of the surroundings that are most always forgotten
    that we reside within. the deep magic is what all is made of.

    this piece spoke to me soulfully

    gracias mi amiga

  2. I also enjoyed this very much, Hannah.

    Anna Aden's work is wonderful.

  3. I hope to always look with better eyes...wishing you a lovely 2014 dear Hannah!

  4. I like the last line's implications, but I like these at least as much because trees have given me such similar thoughts:

    "Call the trees down from themselves."

    "You watch the rocks and the pond. I’ve got

    "the fog, the poor posture of the trees."


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