Monday, January 13, 2014

A Wolf Is a Pack

A Wolf Is a Pack

Behind every wolf
is another wolf

These wolves are almost the same
but there is a little distance
between them

Alone, the wolf is a pack

just as behind every person
is another person

The ones in front want to be recognized
The ones that cower behind
all they can think about is what they want


  1. Holy cow, I like the ideas in this poem, the central wolf-human comparison and the follow-ups, plus the controversial single-line stanza, "Alone, the wolf is a pack," and the way we're left to wonder how that might be true and how it might also be true of humans. This is one of your big ones, Hannah.

    Do you happen to know Komunyakaa's "Scapegoat"--in one of the Best Americans a while back, maybe '99? It's a wondrous poem about wolves. So is yours.

    Congrats again on the Poetry Daily achievement!

  2. I just prompted myself to read the poem at Poetry Daily, and it is one of my favorites of yours. A couple of parts felt familiar, but I couldn't swear I've seen it before. Where you go in that poem, especially from pornography to the poem's end, is mighty stuff. Fine, fine work, Hannah.

    1. Thank you to both of your comments!! I appreciate it! Wow, that Komunyakaa


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