Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Beach

The Beach

We find the lovers on the beach
We have placed them there

They draw the water over themselves
like a duvet

One will touch the other’s hair
with wonder

They think of the ocean
pulling the world apart like taffy

If the earth dropped out
their entwined bodies would fall

with stunning velocity
Heavy statues

plummeting through deep space
They tell each other

about how all things will halt
Also about how things will go on

in a way they imagine
They have seen the sun clamber up

to its perch in the dunk tank
They will bring a blanket around their

pressed together shoulders
The beach will get up with them when they leave

1 comment

  1. Ah, yes, love and lovers know all the rules, even the rules of chaos and falling through space.

    I had some trouble with "will get up with them" (I was hearing "catch up" and even "get even with" -- so I wonder if a simple "rise" would do?


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