Wednesday, January 1, 2014



The snow floats down and up

and the clouds swim east

and the gasoline in the pump

rushes into the hip of my car

beneath my hand and what I think

Nancy Drew really signifies

(along with all the other young

detectives) is the certainty

that there is continuity to the world

and that all things gone missing

or misplaced will reveal themselves

to us in clues


  1. Love Andersson's work!

    Wonderful New Year's Day poem, too, Hannah.

  2. I'm ashamed that I've never thought of the "hip of my car" !! And I like the idea of clues. Do you know much of Jane Hirshfield's work? I think she (and some other nature poets) are big into nature's clues. And cues. But I like her understatement, restraint. She seems more honest than most, so I trust her more than most. I guess I should go back to see what you said about the last of her work that I posted.

  3. I went back a few posts, and yes, I think we see similar things in Hirshfield. I hope you found that poem of hers--it makes a nice companion to the E.D. I put up today.


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