Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wintering Over

Wintering Over

To change direction as a bird
changes direction

to love the branch as the air

to devote oneself
to steering through mostly-invisible places


  1. Perfect complement to the image.

  2. I love that your wintering over included no mention of temperatures...I have steered through mostly invisible places a lot : ) Happy December it flying away for you too?xx

  3. Does "as the air" mean "as if it were"? Is the branch, to the bird, like air and s/he loves and negotiates both? I stumble a little there, but I love the idea of the "magic" birds do as if casually saying hello. A science-y friend (neither a lover nor hater of birds) once spoke admiringly of what had to happen in a bird's brain for it to negotiate the simplest of landings--or as you say, to fly through tangles of branches and never collide. Your poem make the visible, material world much less tangible, measurable, obvious, and that's a favorite idea of mine.

    1. I actually had "as if it were the air" originally, but took it out...perhaps it would help to clarify? Thanks for the comment.


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