Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Is That the Museum

Is That the Museum

A child’s hood
will help them to learn

just a little of the world
at a time

The little girl in the blue snowsuit
being led from the bus
by her grandmother

Is that the museum
the little girl keeps asking
of every white building


  1. When I was in Prague, we got lost trying to find the castle. We eventually hired a cab, and every building we passed, we wanted to ask, "Wait, isn't *that* the castle?" Because that is what buildings in the historic part of Prague looked like to us.

  2. Except for the play on "childhood," I'm not sure about "hood," but the images and actions in those last two stanzas are fantastic. For whatever reason, I cannot imagine the kid's snow suit being other than blue, or her adult being other than grandma, or the buildings that interest her being other than white, or any museum being other than white. These details that are at least a little random now seem absolute requirements--any non-white building must not be a museum. Every little girl MUST be dressed in a blue snow suit, must be getting off a bus, with grandma, and must be fixated on the whiteness of buildings.

    I'm not sure how you did this. Maybe you're a sorcerer? Also, you're reminding me of WCW's "Red Wheelbarrow," which so many hate, are sick and tired of, but which still engages me. Its details are now a requirement for any small farm east of the Mississippi, especially if it's raining.


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