Monday, December 2, 2013



What we know, we know
because we are pointing south.

An accident on the northbound side
is not yet an accident
for those heading north.

The one unmoving lane of cars we pass
becomes two, three, a whole half

of the freeway not moving
or knowing as we do
of the side-sleeping truck, the ambulance.

We drive so far that we reach
where cars have only started to slow.

We drive so far that we see
what things were like before the accident.
It gets earlier and earlier.

Cars are driving past us as we drive.
Inside the cars, everyone is singing.

1 comment

  1. Ha! There are completely different worlds in a situation, rightly pointed out. The mobile witnesses, going far enough to find normalcy, do not share the world with those who are stuck and wishing to move.

    I enjoyed the time-travel slant as well.


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