Monday, December 16, 2013

Every Cake a Cobbler

Every Cake a Cobbler

Oh the very strong magic
of what has come together
not effortlessly

A recipe tells you, calmly,
Cream the butter and sugar

In other words, cram these two
substances into one another
and then maybe
you can start to think about
making cake

This is what I mean, beloved
The suites of mismatched furniture
that we wrangle into a home

The dissonance of
grocery story produce displays
in winter

Oh the jigsaw haystack
of thoughts
others will have of you
when you are gone

Here is how you are bound to your home
Here is how you are bound
to your ice floe
Your work is to hold it all
and float

1 comment

  1. "Jigsaw haystack of thoughts" is a blue ribbon phrase, awesome.

    Mashing together the unalike probably sums up much of life.


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