Friday, December 27, 2013

Bookmarks List//Bedside Table

Currently reading and enjoying...

This beautiful essay, “Teaching My Daughter to Walk,” by Heather Kirn Lanier in The Sun.

This profile on Bryce Dessner (of The National) about knowing, as a creative person, when to ignore advice.

This terrific article, “Temple of Gloom,” by Bryan Curtis in Grantland, on the psychological darkness in Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom. Big thanks to Marcus for sharing this article with me--Temple of Doom is my favorite of the Indiana Jones movies!

This stunning poem, “The Silence Teacher,” by Robert Peake.

Tomorrowland by Joseph Bates and We Over Here Now by Scott Woods. Here’s my write-up on both books.

And you, friends? What books/articles/essays are you sneaking in before the end of the 2013?


  1. Oh, that poem!

    Am reading 'Far From the Tree', Andrew Solomon's huge and magnificent book.

    Have a splendid weekend.

  2. In that poem, Mr. Peake did an amazing job of tying beginning to end. For a nanosecond, I was like "the word 'press' might be forced" but then remembered "...tested the silence a room could hold."

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the poem, Jack. Happy almost-new year!

  3. I am re-reading "The testament of Gideon Mack" by James Robertson...along with the never ending ( a bit too much never ending..) "The Luminaries", the Booker Prize 2013 by Eleanor Catton


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