Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You Never Know

You Never Know

A before shot followed by
another before shot followed by

more and more, all befores, no after
to speak of because the minute

we place the next picture down,
boom, another change, more light

on the brow and more shade under
the cheekbones, more oily sheen

of wild delight in the eye.
Whole stack of photographs, you look

happy in this photo, but in another,
I think a buzzard is perched

on your heart. Before, before,
surely there will be an after

but why am I looking for it
with my hands all full of camera.


  1. A buzzard on my heart...I think I feel that a lot...what an incredible poem...

  2. My favorite part:

    more oily sheen

    of wild delight in the eye.

    And this has more power than I'd have predicted: "surely there will be an after."

    I'm reading this later in the night than I should, so I distorted the last line to "with my hands full with the creamer." It's dumb, but I've decided to be fond of the non sequitur. Don't worry--your version is much better. In fact, quite nice--"hands all full of camera" has good resonance.


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