Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Where does beauty register in the body.

In the chest, the heart, and the forehead.

Why, when looking at a beautiful thing 
do we close our eyes, sighing.

To make the pleasure more private,
but also, to sketch the lines of what we saw
so we can bring them back.

Why does beauty prompt a twinge of pain.

Because it isn’t yours. Nothing is.


  1. Fascinating perceptual and conceptual question posed in the opening line. The concluding line is devastating.

  2. Transience of beauty--certainly a familiar idea, but it hits harder at certain times. I have a high school reunion soon. Each time, the sense of community and fellowship is at least balanced, if not vaporized, by the cruelties of aging. And we weren't all that good looking in the first place. :)

    I know I close my eyes to see scenes from other places and times--it really works for me. I'm not sure I do it to hold onto the beautiful or the otherwise desirable. I'll start paying attention. It's an interesting point.

    I think these are great questions, issues.

    Thanks for your wonderful--as usual--comments at my place. I'll be checking out "your" Berryman.


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