Monday, July 1, 2013



Dusty shelf, your sin is in
how you tell everyone

you’ve gone untouched
for so long. The invisible

world was here today, again,
and I stood still while it

swirled around me,
this is what you mean,

but it’s hard to get past
your skin, filmed with time

itself. It’s not that we
want to kill the dust, just

hide it, move it from
one surface to another,

there will be no aging today,
not under my roof.


  1. Very nice Hannah.

    I enjoyed your connecting the dust with time and aging...not wanting to discard it but just moving it to a different place.

    Gracias, mi amiga

  2. Wow...glad I did not miss this is painfully beautiful, the invisible world, the skin, the dust that personally I would rather kill/and thanks for Marcoantion's interpretation...I find other comments always useful...happy July 1 : )


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