Thursday, July 18, 2013

Miniature Inferno

Miniature Inferno

The sky is a blanket.
Stop it.

Whatever we think the stars are
when we decide to look up,

with the force of oh,
a ladybug tripping over a pebble,

we are wrong.
The pretty star will

flametorch you.
It only wants to keep living.

A little star here, one there, one there,
that’s how you make

a sky, for humans,
but up there,

each famished fire
is one ferociously-burning world.


  1. I love the last six lines here.

  2. Echoing the comment from WAS. Those lines could stand alone.

  3. I agree. What an interesting way to write about, and expand upon, the whole notion of heat. (But this has been a legitimately bad few days). I also especially like the tripping lady bug as an image of how carefully we consider things, big things. Not many people (none?) would have made that comparison, but it's a good one.


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