Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tour of the House Falling Down Around Us

Tour of the House Falling Down Around Us

Come with me, come inside,
half of the rafters have fallen

but on the plus side, that means
the roof does well under pressure,

or that the rafters that remain
were the strongest and most

loyal. Window there, window
with no glass over here, but

still very much a window, maybe
even more a window now.

The chandeliers leak crystals
and the grass is coming up here

in one corner. But you can unzip
your hazmat suit, I want you

to be comfortable while walking
through this wreck. Every minute

it gets worse, but we can live out
our remaining days here. All things

fail, there is no permanence in any
shard of our universe, it doesn’t have

to be hard for us. I still see at least
three walls here, dear, I’m rounding

up, and even after every splinter
has rotted away into the bellies

of earthworms which will also
be obliterated by the next asteroid,

there will be the memory of a
house exploded amongst the stars.


  1. Sometimes I felt you were describing our house...I love too much of this to tell you which parts in you feel that way too, sometimes?

  2. the very opposite of an estate agent's selling speech! I particularly like the ending

  3. From lyrical to apocalyptic. Yikes. And brava.


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