Friday, November 11, 2011

Video Poem: Three Contemplate Infinity, by Lesley Jenike

Yippee---my first video poem using another poet's work!

I'm excited to share this with you. The poem is "Three Contemplate Infinity," by the brilliant Lesley Jenike. I love how skillfully disorienting this poem is--and the book that it comes from, Ghost of Fashion (quite possibly the best title ever), is equally enthralling.

For more about Lesley Jenike, click here. Or click here to learn about her book (and how to buy a copy).


  1. Really like this, Hannah. The locale was great; your selection of imagery quite wonderful. And the poetry is intriguing. I will follow your links to learn more about Jenike.

  2. Hey, Hannah

    I just noticed your poem up in the current issue of Contrary, so I thought that was very cool and wanted to stop by here and say congrats.

  3. Lovely Hannah, both the text and video. So evocative of childhood.


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