Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Going Through

Going Through

Through, and into
what. Mink and fox
coats, hinterland.

If it’s too dark
to see, your hands
will become your eyes,

reaching into the air
ahead of you, reporting
back to your brain

what is coming. Who
is in the wardrobe
with you, maybe

a dog, a guide,
a witch, or a ghost,
clothed in the sheets

that used to stretch
across your childhood
bed, white with

pale blue blossoms,
blinking at you
through the eyelets.

You are going through
this so you can learn
where it leads,

where you are leading
yourself. You are.
You make your way,

we say, just as we
stage our dreams,
enact and watch them.


  1. Lovely and powerful. I have been musing along the lines of those last 3 stanzas lately and loved going on this journey with you in the poem. This is one I will share with a C.S. Lewis lover/poet friend.

  2. this took me back to a little film i watched recently of a shoot:


  3. Love how you take us through the transition of how we go from fantasy, dreams and hopes and leave us still at the door steps.

    If only more would utilize the tactile ability of hands reaching in air to see as another means to
    reach out to others, also.

    We would all be better if more were atuned to our gifted abilities. Ok, maybe interpreted it to philosophycally but you know the old cliche, 'read between the lines'.

    Love your simple way of saying all that I just did but in a poetic and word crafty way.

  4. These short, broken lines are exactly right. I love the first two stanzas and the last two :-)

  5. You leave me speechless sometimes, Hannah. I think, "How does she DO that???"


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