Tuesday, November 22, 2011



Gray is the new black.
Thirty is the new twenty.

Clamp a wrench around
what you perceive, and turn.

Reality wobbles and rolls
on its side, so we can pat

its belly. What is under
the thing you think is true.

What else could it be.
How can you use it again.

Shove dirt into a rain boot
and then pansies. Drill

a hole through a Jack Daniel’s
bottle, and you have half

a lamp. Stay still, we ask
our things, while we repurpose

them. What we mean is stay,
still, we need a little longer.


  1. Great question in your line "What is under the thing you think is true".

    As always, thought-provoking.

  2. excellent, I totally approve of all types of repurposing!

  3. A quotable one, Hannah. We repurpose to prolong needs, and needs are equally repurposed. Stay a little longer is the real plea. Lovely.

  4. Reality and its belly. How true.

  5. Ahh, and there it is: the unexpected inevitable in those last two lines. Today I am working on repurposing my childhood sheets into a throw quilt. Yep, not ready. xo

  6. This poem seems related to the last one, with the twist that you keep what you repurpose. I especially like the line "Clamp a wrench around
    what you perceive, and turn."


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