Thursday, November 24, 2011

Act As If

Act As If

Enough pretending, and you can
convince the self.
We learn this early, as kids in
the back seat
of the car, parents up front, radio
releasing into the car
parts of the world that have nothing
to do with you
yet. Are they sleeping, one of them
asks, your mother,
and turns to look at you and your
sister, heads flung
back against the seat, eyes closed
as if in sleep but not
sleeping. A few miles more, and
you buy it. You wake
to the seat belt unbuckling, retracting.
To feel happier, smile.
When they ask you in the interview,
Even though you have
no experience in this area, you are
confident you could
excel in this position, You say, Yes,
of course, conjure up
certainty in your diction and tone,
Strong voice for strength. A lie,
even, the thing
we want to be real, chanted,
for instance, I am
not scared of the dark basement,
the spidery, decaying
basement. After all, you live so well
above it every day,
because the basement goes away when
you are not in it.


  1. I like the whole thing, but that ending about the basement is brilliant.

  2. Wonderful how you concluded this.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Hannah.

  3. love this! as if . when i was on therapy (i was depressed) they told me: act AS IF. i wrote a poem years later AS IF. i don´t know where it is.... but i fell in love with that idea, those words.... funny.


  4. Love this one Hannah, how we make ourselves up from an act of will.


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