Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Discount Adult Video Superstore

Adult videos for sale. Tons of them.
Adult means dirty here. Sexually explicit.

Not evil, necessarily. Your brainstem
might just have a craving for the illicit

but reasonably priced. Feed me, Seymour,
feed me, your inner Venus fly trap growls.

Overflowing stacks and shelves. A superstore,
Smutmart, Lustalot, descending into the bowels

of the planet, an upside-down skyscraper,
thirty floors below ground, each more strange

that the one above it. Copy machine and stapler
flicks a few floors down, fetishes arranged

with the neatness of a library. Bondage and feet
on 1, food on 2. Any desire you have ever had

materialized on film. Our billboard is indiscreet
so you know what we sell: scantily-clad

and naked bodies, teleporting onto your screen,
into your homes. Why shouldn’t fantasy

be affordable. When times are tough, the obscene
can comfort us. Shop here. Stimulate the economy.


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These two lines "Feed me... /... growls" made me laugh, as did that final sentence: "Stimulate the economy."

    Great subject for a poem, Hannah.

  3. Broaching a subject that is bent to fit community based morals therefore subject to variant societal deviations and interpretations relative to legal application takes large 'cajones'.

    Most people especially in light of this issue being in the forefront of the media with all the nuanced based situations relative to sex based relationships. Kudos!

  4. I love how compare it to a superstore. I felt like I was walking through a strange version of Target.

  5. Well, you've sold it to me, Hannah. I'll have a mixed selection under plain cover, please. That should slake my inner Venus fly trap for a while. Loved this.

  6. Thirty floors into the earth, you say. I guess some roots go deep, stimulating dirt all the way.
    Excellent wit today.

    wv: coite. I kid you not.


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