Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Willing

The Willing

The willing are more easily hypnotized, minds sunken and lifted
as an orchestra obeys the conductor.

More easily they move. Come over there? Yes we will, the willing
agree, we are halfway there already.

Healing is swifter, wounds closing, zipped up. More information
is absorbed by the willing as they listen,

more awareness of silence. The willing have inertia stored inside
of them, have more flexible bodies,

more elastic thought processes. Fluidly go the willing, their inner
compasses wired to accelerators,

consciousnesses agreeing with experience in real time. The willing
will be there, waiting for you.


  1. Who says positive thoughts can't be beautiful? This is one of your most distinctive poems, in my opinion.

  2. Think of how in recovery circles "willingness is the key." Sometimes born of desperation, sometimes joy. Love this poem.

  3. Your poems are splendid. I am so glad you are still writing so regularly. You are so talented.


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