Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why They Climbed

Why They Climbed

To inhale the fragile atmosphere into their systems,
to feel it slithering, coiling

To force an ache into muscles accustomed to sitting

To cling to an unbreathing enormity

To savor the loneliness in touching
rock no hand has yet touched

To love so staggeringly a tower of indifference

To look out at the smallness of a great city
and think that you have found it, founded it

To face your own resistance to descending

1 comment

  1. Love this poem. Especially

    "To love so staggeringly a tower of indifference" -- this sounds epic, encompasses so much in that once phrase.

    And descending...I remember hiking Zion National Park (a few times) and reminding myself the feel of the descent.


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