Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Friction Lesson

Friction Lesson

Tell me what happened,
the way you, a boy,
convinced another boy to kiss you
on his sofa after school.

Tell me how you persuaded him
wordlessly, one hand in the crease
of the sofa’s yielding cushions,
the other just above his knee,
your fingers brushing corduroy the wrong way.


  1. Hi, Hannah. Whenever I read one of your poems, "wow" is the first word that pops into my head. This is so powerful. The voice really leaps out at me. I imagine a mother or some other authority figure grilling the poor guy. "Tell me" works so well. Again, great details and the last line is fantastic. Awesome poem!

  2. Tell leaves me wanting more. The boys experience is no longer his. The asker wants to share in the experience and we do too.

  3. @Julie

    Yes you can tell she's such an experienced poet.

    Whew! You had me at the 3rd line. Something about the way you contrast the textures of the sofa, cushions knee, and corduroy get me.

  4. Maybe the convincing was pretty much all done by the time the couch arrived.

  5. Hannah, just brilliant, absolutely humbling that I inspired it any way. Thanks so much for reconnecting!


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