Friday, June 25, 2010


A Disambiguation

A joint share, split fairly.
Equally balanced, equal.

Level. Without disturbance.

Continuance, the seesaw
of time stretched horizontally, reaching.

Leaving no debt, nothing
owed from either sides.

Numbers divisible by two,
neatly paired,

pared. Perfectly expressible,
able to be captured exactly, without fragments

or remainders. Free from
fluctuation; consistent.

Fully, wholly, overflowing,
stressing the truth

of a thing. Emphasizing
how all events in the present are synchronized.


  1. A very interesting quadriptych, despite its pretentious title (I like yours better).

    I could stare at it for hours.

    Your thoughtful reaction to it -- seeking some unity (or at least stasis) in the balancing process -- reminds me of Wallace Stevens' "advice" to the poet in Mozart, 1935:

    "Be thou that wintry sound
    As of the great wind howling,
    By which sorrow is released,
    Dismissed, absolved
    In a starry placating."

  2. Congratulations on #500. It's divisible by 2. And a bunch of other numbers. Here's to the next 500, and then some.

  3. I enjoy your poem coupled with the image, reminding me it is the balance that matters; not that the two sides need be identical. The symmetry is in the perceived weight of a thing, not its duplication; kind of like in relationships. As always, your poems make me think. Congratulations on your 500th!


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