Monday, June 21, 2010

What Is Is All We Got

What Is Is All We Got

What is is all we got,
would you agree?
What we call beautiful

isn’t beautiful at all.
We are prevented
from watching it

by a layer, we are
snagged by its looks.
The only way

to accept this ordinary
horror is to see
how effervescent it is,

all of experience
bubbling forth.
Eliminate the observer,

dump the eye. Why?
Let’s not argue,
this is true, it is good.

If something appears,
don’t think, don’t even
watch, don’t act.

Witness this: you are
not the observer,
you’re the observed, ok?


  1. Oh, oh..I thought I was observing beauty and it turns out you are observing me.;-)

  2. I love your word choice in this. I need to start reading the dictionary again...


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