Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Green Bins

Green Bins

The watched tomato can’t blush
in public
Give it a day and until then, leave it alone

Until then, we can work on our choreography for trash day
Green bins, everyone,
tip them back onto their hind legs
Help them rear up

in the moonlight
with all manner of spiders
that we cannot see hitching rides on the bins

Morning, we will saturate you with what we want
Morning, you let us gather you up like wet clay
Morning, we can pet the garden’s head and let it drink

I tell the roses I am disturbed by their punctured leaves
like petals of lace

Clearly they are being eaten
but what tremendous shadows they are responsible for


  1. Hannah, this is eloquent and so filled with images- I'll never think of garbage day again without picturing a dance. I especially shivered happily at these lines--Morning, we will saturate you with what we want/you let us gather you up like wet clay.

  2. Hahahaha , you made my day! I'll read that to my daughter, I'm trying to teach her how to take care of the nature.

  3. That's a great poem! I work in a rubbish removal company! I'll print it and hang it on the wall in the office!


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