Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dessert for Dinner

Dessert for Dinner

I interpret the pink as orange

I call the marigolds magnolias since they sleep on the same shelf
in my mind anyway

Star of the daytime
is the new name for the sun
I look up and think star star star and this is my training

Little by little
I alter how my body absorbs time

or the information streaming into me

All of the windows have angles
And we fidget equally with the buttons on our shirts
and have pictures that slide into view over what we are looking at
like color gels

We can call them to us
or let them come to us
which is just a quieter way of calling

1 comment

  1. this piece had enthusiasm that captured me. it seems to speak of the absorption of life

    enjoyed the vibrancy

    gracias mi amiga


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