Thursday, September 11, 2014



The apple’s heart is a pocket
and though it brings the future
it also clasps space

In the way that the between-tree-space
contributes to the trees and dictates light

what isn’t here
is here


  1. Hi Hannah

    This is a wonderful poem. Simple yet with much depth. It is beautiful. I find so many of your poems bring me some ache of realisation. It is a joy to read poems that name what is often left unspoken of in life.

    I have recently finished going through all your poems on your website! It has been a treat to follow your progress, and be given the opportunity to share in your journey.

    I initially came across your work while reading Compose. I love your poem ‘Wolf’. My partner, Lisa, loves it too! It is really powerful and one of my favourite pieces of poetry. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to continue reading your poems.



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