Friday, October 7, 2011

Video: Light House

I'm very happy to share with you this video poem for "Light House."

The footage was shot at Rooms to Let II, a temporary art space created and curated by Melissa Vogley Woods. Melissa selected artists to create installations in each room of a house, and showed the amazing creations last Saturday night. Lucky for all of us in Columbus: Rooms to Let is holding a closing reception tonight, from 4-7 PM(click the link for location and details).


  1. I enjoyed this piece the first time I read it and now with the visual and sound of chimes and citar strings even more.

  2. You are all much more powerful with the music and the visual and the lines appearing out of invisible...kind of like how it is with the Light House, things becoming visible as we strain our eyes xx

  3. Beautiful. I love the image of a tungsten tongue in a glass mouth.

    Have a beautiful weekend!


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