Friday, October 28, 2011

Audio: With Love

This week, I had the itch to record some audio. So here's "With Love" for you, a poem I wrote last fall.

A while ago, I looked myself up at Klout, which supposedly measures your social media influence. It points out who you interact with most via social media, and mentions topics that you are supposedly influential about. It used to say that I was influential about "neurosis," "wine," "helium," and "mattress." Somewhat true (well, not the helium bit), I suppose, though I'm quite happy that the currently listed topics are a little more aligned with my actual interests (the site now mentions that I'm allegedly influential about "spoken word," "authors," "disorders," and still, "helium").

Some of my poems definitely have a neurotic tone to them. I don't know if it's necessarily a bad thing--I like to think that while they might sound a bit strange/obsessive, they are also playful and giddy (Woody Allen meets Peewee Herman). Is neurotic always negative, do you think? How would you characterize your writing voice?

Hope you enjoy the (very neurotic!) "With Love."
With Love by The Storialist


  1. I loooooooove you doing audio. Your voice and your poetry put together literally feels like one of the beautiful things in the world I am privelaged to witness. GORGEOUS! MORE I say MORE@!


  2. "Woody Allen meets Peewee Herman" cracked me up.

    It is always a pleasure listening to you read.

    I think you should dedicate a poem to helium.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I love listening to you and at this moment I feel very neurotic or perhaps I feel less neurotic because I don't have all of those things on my mind.

    Just yesterday I was thinking of time and how it flies and how it flies less fast when I was younger and how it meant that now I am older and so I told myself that i have to create a new calendar...much like you suggested....what an incredible coincidence....I dislike linear time

    I am laughing that you are concerned with Helium or that Klout thinks you are...maybe it is the OZONE : )

    Hope you have a great weekend....did you do a poem about balloons with He in them?


  4. A particularly good reading today, Hannah.

    My friend Kathy Richards (@katdish) has a funny post today about Klout. Her influence, apparently, is in mafia refrigerators! (Interestingly, I can imagine what one of those might look like.) I laugh every time someone tells me in a tweet to "compare scores".

  5. I'm tempted -and a little scared- to try klout :)

  6. How absolutely fascinating. Such eclectic concerns... I hadn't realised. I didn't know about Klout. I must look myself up!

  7. I don't think neuroses is necessarily a bad thing.. it can be awfully endearing. Now I'm gonna go check out that site to see if helium is on my list. :)


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