Friday, June 24, 2011

Audio: What Panic Wants

The title of this poem
reminds me of this movie, "What Women Want," and for some reason that really makes me laugh...that makes this poem the neurotic sequel, I guess.

While writing this poem, I was thinking about what behavior panic prompts...usually, we feel frozen by panic. I really wonder why this is--I interpret it a defense mechanism (maybe thanks to our ancestors who were scared of being eaten by saber-toothed tigers, so they held still and thus had babies who also knew to hold still in threatening circumstances....isn't that how evolution works?).

Hope you enjoy the audio of "What Panic Wants," and wishing you a calm, rejuvenating weekend!

Listen to the Mel Gibson-less audio here.


  1. Cute, Mel Gibson! Panic and the fight of flight syndrome. I used to train myself to scream if I had a nightmare because often I would gasp for air and felt like no one could help me. When I lived alone in a weird part of town I had nightmares all the time. The one night I had a nightmare that there was someone behind my bedroom door. This time my training led me to get up and look behind the door, in my dream of course, and there was Tom Sellick. I was so happy. I love Tom Sellick... Loved your reading. Happy Weekend Hannah! xo

  2. That's a funny about those two titles!

    Finally, here's a Friday I had a little time and privacy to listen. As always, I love your readings, the way you emphasize words and give the text a different color than I saw on first reading. Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. Hannah, amazing stuff as always. Loved the meaning behind this poem - definitely one I can relate to. The imagery is great and yes, panic definitely wants our full attention!
    Well done,


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