Friday, June 3, 2011

Audio: Holding Back

This week’s multimedia post goes out to Angela, friend and artist, and to anyone who feels like parts of you are in different places.

Listen to "Holding Back" here.

We all toggle between cohesiveness and chaos. Where do you fall in this spectrum right now?


  1. I hope Angela feels better after hearing this...a friend who cares is a great gift!

    Dualities cuffed together- I have that problems everyday, my dualities are cuffed together, I hate it, my only saviour is WORK- so much to do that it makes me forget

    Chaos and togetherness- I feel more together when I don't listen to media (I always feel like an ostrich) and I force myself to look to better cats help me a lot

    I hope you have a great weekend


  2. Amazingly, I'm experiencing more cohesiveness than dualities at this point in life.

  3. I think I'm not as aware of the dualities as I should be because they usually don't show themselves together. Very thought-provoking.


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