Friday, September 6, 2013

This Week, Feeling Inspired By....

This TEDtalk from Schuyler Towne, an expert on locks and lockpicking. So fascinating! I chose not to discuss locks in my recent essay on keys because my brain does not understand them at all. Towne knows all about locks, and speaks about them elegantly and articulately.

This poem, "Sophomore," by Nick Courtright (at Contrary).

The terrific art site/publication, SuperMassiveBlackHole Magazine (SMBHmag).

And how about you? What muses are courting you these days?

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  1. SMBHM: very cool.

    I've been making poems about tattoos, the theme this month at TweetSpeakPoetry. Also reading Shaindel Beers's new collection (haunting) and work by Meena Alexander (so lyrical!). I'm also reading George Johnson's 'The Cancer Chronicles' and just finished 'Sun Shine Down'. Lots on my growing pile.


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