Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Magic Words

The Magic Words

What one thing are you hoping
someone will tell you

to get every event to canter off
into labeled shelves,

miniature gumball machines and
thimbles into the right

compartments of a gridded shadow
box. The desert won’t

be cured because it isn’t ailing.
The cacti won’t die,

in fact, three new cacti have sprung
up just now in your

footprints. You know what you
are waiting to hear,

trapped in you like the light within
a closed refrigerator.


  1. Whoa! pretty deep. maybe this speaks to and explains what the contemporary saying that i disdain, means...'it is what it is'

    i like yours so much better but could you see me trying to quote you in lieu of saying...'it is what it is' ?

  2. "trapped in you like the light within / a closed refrigerator": Great lines and a perfect line break.


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