Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Everything Is a Clock

Everything Is a Clock

Submerged in its bed of boiling water,
the spaghetti softens

a bit more each millimeter of a second.

Use the handle of the wooden spoon
to fish out one strand,

test it against your bite.

At the end of your life
four hours will have been spent
stirring pasta as hot water convinces it
to just relax already.


  1. if pasta is left in a boiling pot of water too long what happens to it?

    I do like...strring pasta as hot water convinces it to just relax aready. Hmmmm? were you lQQking at me when you composed that?

  2. Love the humor in this.

    For me, al dente is best. Along with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

  3. I used to worry about how much of my life was spent brushing my teeth. And other things. I wonder if such worrying is more self-destructive than useful, but I can't claim I'm completely cured.

  4. Hi Hannah,
    I love this. Another poem about something I would never have thought to view poetically, but yes, the stir of the pasta and the passage of time, as we wait for it to just relax already. The poem is immediate, and I am the one doing the stirring.


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