Friday, May 31, 2013

This Week, Feeling Inspired by...

The incredible pieces (“necklace” just doesn’t cut it here...these are more like gilded bibs or breastplates) fashioned by the sisters behind DylanLex. They dismantle and reattach the oddest, most stunning combinations of silver and rhinestone jewelry. I can’t stop looking at these. Much to be learned here, methinks (and not just about jewelry):

Wow. Much more at the DylanLex blog.

This song, "I Need My Girl," by The National! I’ve been listening to their new album, Trouble Will Find Me, and writing to it this week. Looking forward to catching their show in Columbus in a couple of weeks...


This hall of mirrors on Wikipedia: a list of lists of lists. For example, Lists of Bulgarian Military Aircrafts, Lists of Swedish Swimming Championship Champions, or Lists of Unsolved Problems.

And you?

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