Friday, May 10, 2013

This Week, Feeling Inspired by...

This article, "So That If I Died It Mattered," by Jon Sands, over at The Millions. On love, meaning in life, and how being a writer sometimes allows us to serve those we love. A beautiful, open piece. Plus, part of it takes place in Goodale Park in Columbus (I was there last weekend for a yoga class--Goodale Park is a staple of Columbus life!).

The flowering trees (duh, I know--I keep writing about them!) as their summer coats of shiny green leaves come in.

My students, who are finishing their classes, and turning in final projects to me within the next few days. Summer is quickly approaching...

These wonderful antique prints. Here's one favorite (from 1889), of microscopic views of Mineral/Rock :
For more info, or to purchase this print, click here.

And you, dear readers? As always, thanks for stopping by and reading this week!


  1. Oh, my, thank you for this. Tears in my eyes and joy in my heart from the essay. And somehow the circles of microscopic rock do it, too!

  2. Thank you, Hannah, for the link to Jon Sands's essay. I was so moved by it, especially by his mother's statement about being the best she could be "So that if I died it mattered."


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