Friday, May 17, 2013

This Week, Feeling Inspired by...

Amy Monticello, again/always. Here she is at The Nervous Breakdown with “The Faces We Carry,” on cold sores and public grief. WHEW. Beautiful and uncomfortable.

The assignments from this art project, Learning to Love You More (A sample: “Assignment #52: Write the phone call you wish you could have” or “Assignment #20: Take a family portrait of two families.”). There are also examples of what people have produced in response to the prompts--very fun!

Artist’s sketchbooks and process pieces (again/always, again). In particular, Cody Rocko’s sketches. I admire how she invites us into her brain here....that’s something I always love in artists (those who allow us in, instead of holding us out).

And you, friends? What’s feeding your brain and heart right now?


  1. The website, "This is Colossal" is really inspiring me today: Have a lovely weekend, Hannah!!

  2. Wow. The Amy Monticello story is powerful, and beautiful, and painful. Thanks for sharing the link -- and thanks for pointing me to Nervous Breakdown.

  3. Beautiful, intense, uncomfortable, painful...tough to not be able to help...have a great weekend Hannah!


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