Thursday, May 9, 2013

Since When

Since When

The valley is full, just not full of land,
but since when is surface what counts

as a thing. In the inverse living room,
the negative of your room, the invisible

stuff lights up, the air, the microbes,
the fuzzed dust stubble on a fan blade,

great clouds of sun light, the breath exiting
you in your chair. Think of all that lives

between the bark and the tree. Think of
your windows as walls of an aquarium.


  1. This series you've been writing is wonderful. My favorite lines in this one are the last three.

    Love the Armstrong work.

  2. I love this...a new favorite...I love the valley full of land...the inverse made me think of molecules, ions, how they see their image in another true!! : )

  3. The birds and bugs are looking at me? Geez, I was already paranoid.

  4. Two things I especially love about this: the "fuzzed dust stubble" and "but since when is surface what counts as a thing." The descriptive precision of the former; the slightly tricky syntax, perfect pacing and deadpan delivery (you do wonders with questions set down as statements) of the latter.


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