Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Astronaut Interviews

The Astronaut Interviews

Which is more important: the longing
to run, or the longing to return. How
would you feel about being the only
human on a planet, and walking on it.
On a scale of one to ten, how dependent
are you on gravity, emotionally. Talk
to me about your previous experiences
with discomfort. With the dark. With
loneliness. If you think you see a creature
scurrying off into the darkness, would you
chase it. Are you prepared for what you
will be bringing home with you. What
do you imagine it will feel like to sit
on your steps in the early evening,
flannel blanket around your shoulders,
seeing the places you used to work.


  1. Love the title and how you've posed the questions, especially "... how dependent / are you on gravity, emotionally." That tiny pause the comma exacts is perfect.

  2. Charming poem - it's clear you are a great fan of science fiction.

  3. This is another absolute favorite of mine....these questions must be asked...why no reporter ever asked the astronauts I do not understand. Thank you Hannah!

  4. Me too. I like this one too--specifically the gravity biz and that blanket image of retrospection and height and meditation and memoir at the end.

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