Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back in the Body

Back in the Body

Body, why will you not house me.
I lean away from you, my leash.

When I jump, there is no certainty,
no tall-building-leapingness,

no superpower. If I cloak myself
in sweat, will I be sealed in,

Saran-wrapped. Can’t my bones
be closer to the surface so I can

burrow beneath them, speech bubble
sucked back in, anchor crawling

back to the boat, hoisting itself back
over the edge, panting, dripping.


  1. Thank you for the link to Haser's 'On the Face of It'; interesting how much is both revealed and hidden.

  2. Love that first stanza. Such a great opening. Thanks, once again, for the evocation.

  3. Lovely as always and a little complicated too today...I reread and reread...Happy Wednesday Hannah!

  4. "leash," "leapingness," "Saran-wrapped," "Speech-bubble sucked bace in." And a Hannah-bomb conclusion too, that anchor biz. Holy cow, that's all good stuff, and all in the service of a big idea about what Self is, isn't.

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