Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do You Read Me

Do You Read Me

Today, whatever I notice
I dedicate to you. Observing
is an act of devotion,
transmission. Other brain,
how’s it coming in,
first the honeyed, searing
scent, then the beep
of the self-checkout machine
at the grocery store,
then the white petals jutting
out from a stand of
floral arrangements, lilies
placed just at nose-
level, so that every time I
reach for another item
from my basket (lilies, bread,
lilies, toothpaste, lilies,
coffee) I get a face full of
flowers, here, these
are for you.


  1. Hi Hannah,

    Your poem is a celebration and a gift. I love the simple, everyday scenario you've created, and how you've shown that face full of flowers so the reader can experience it. The pacing and the rhythm of your poem works beautifully, conveying perfectly that sense of action and movement, along with texture and scent. I love that conversation with the self, and the concept of observing as an act of devotion, and then transmission. Wonderful to read this morning!

  2. sharp.... zesty.

    It feels as though your writing is literally sharpening to a fine point and a strong voice miss h.


  3. I tend to put off reading your week's poems until the weekend, when I can savor them without distractions. This poem is a perfect example of why it's worth the wait.


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