Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Living Daylights

Living Daylights

To find that part of me
still flickering,

to chew and exhale flames,
a dragon with a mouth
crammed with Bazooka Joe,

to use my heart
as a flashlight,

to meet my ghost
as a dance partner,
spinning away from me,
and back toward me,

to sift out the glowing shards
with unshaking hands
and swallow them back down,

to greet my fiery shadow,
saying, here is our bed,
our mirror, we can learn
one another again.


  1. Lovely lovely indeed...happy thanksgiving to you Hannah!

  2. Another marvelous poem, at once a nice characterization of the short-day sunset, its bubblegums and embers and glowing shard ghosts - my how close it seems - but then the poem opens out to something else altogether, some reaching for a commonality of desire - my how far away it seems.

  3. I love this, Hannah. It gives me hope and heart to read it. It gives me a sense of courage. Thank you, and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. So the living daylights haven't been beaten out of you. Good! What an interesting idea for a poem and a way of looking at the self.


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